Volume 7


Content Vol.7 N4, 2016

pp. 1064-1460

An overview of the main Tunisian scientists in Chemistry and Materials Science, Turki H., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1064-1071.

Feasibility of electrokinetic nitrogen supply for soil fertilization purposes, Hazourli A., Hazourli S., Nacer H., Fernandez M. A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1072-1079

Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured palladium-perovskites: Evaluation of their catalytic activity in cross-coupling chemistry, Essoumhi A., Solhy A., El Kazzouli S., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1080-1085

Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic solution by cow dung extract as an eco-friendly inhibitor, Olusegun S. J., Oluwasina O. O., Alaneme K. K., Olubambi P. A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1086-1098

Discoloration of water loaded with vat dyes by the membrane process of ultrafiltration, Berradi M., Essamri A., El Harfi A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1098-1106

Corrosion inhibition of zinc in hydrochloric acid using some antibiotic drugs, Abdallah M., Zaafarany I. A., AL Jahdaly B.A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1107-1118

Optimization of Phenolic compounds Extraction from Olive Leaves using Experimental Design Methodology, Sifaoui I., Chammem N., Abderrabba M., Mejri M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1119-1127

Investigation of the Passivation and Semiconducting Behavior of Alloy C (UNS N10002) in HNO3 Solutions, Fattah-Alhosseini A., Khodabandeloie A., Bahiraee M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1128-1134

In-situ Behaviour of Selected Local Sand Binders on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Grey Cast Iron, Seidu S. O., Joshua T. O., I. Fayomi O. S., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1135-1144

Risk Chemical Waste And Environmental Pollution By Wastewater From The Station Sana’a – Yemen, Muharram E.A., Mihai Sorin C., Ismail R., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1145-1153

Adsorption, thermodynamic and quantum chemical studies of 3-(4-Chlorobenzoylmethyl) benzimidazoliumbromide in inhibition effect on carbon steel, Kannan P., Shukla S. K., Rao T. S., Rajendran N, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1154-1171

Computation of the New Retaining Wall Consisted of Cylindrical Thin Shelland Flat Slabsby the Classical Method, Majidpourkhoei A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1172-1183

State of the art review of thermal energy storage systems using PCM operating with small temperature differences: Focus on Paraffin, Khyad A., Samrani H., Bargach M. N., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1184-1192

Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil to Biodiesel using γ-alumina Coated on Zeolite Pellets, Hassani M., Najafpour G. D., Mohammadi M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1193-1203

Inventaire des palmiers ornementaux dans six villes du Maroc oriental (Inventory of ornamental palms in six cities of Eastern Morocco);  Barkaoui M.,  Boukroute A.,  Kouddane N.-E., Berrichi A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1204-1218

Economical production of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate by Bacillus cereusunder submerged and solid state fermentation, Sharma P., Bajaj B.K., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1219-1228

Chemotypes investigation of essential oils of Chamomile herbs : A short review, Tadrent W., Kabouche A., Touzani R., Kabouche Z., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1229-1235

Production of particle boards from corn cobs and cassava stalks: Optimisation of mechanical properties using response surface methodology, Amenaghawon N. A., Osayuki-Aguebor W., Okieimen C. O., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1236-1244

Assessment of Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects of Clodinafop-propargyl Commercial Formulation on Allium cepa L., Boumaza A., Lalaoui K., Khallef M., Sbayou H. Talbi H., Hilali A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1245-1251

Thermodynamic, Electrochemical and Quantum Chemical Investigation of Thiomorpholin-4-ylmethyl-phosphonic Acid as Corrosion Inhibitor of Iron in Sulphuric Acid Solution, Elazhary I., Ben El Ayouchia H., Laamari M. R., El Haddad M., Rafqah S., Anane H., Elidrissi Moubtassim M. L., Stiriba S.-E., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1252-1266

Physical and chemical parameters of groundwater area agricultural Sidi Abdelrrazak (province of Khemisset), El Fehri I. C., El Abidi A., Fekhaoui M., Bellaouchou A., El Jaoudi R., Sabounji A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1267-1276

Eco-Friendly Pancratium Foetidum Pom Extracts as Corrosion inhibitors for Mild Steel in 1M HCl Media, Bendaif H., Melhaoui A., El Azzouzi M., Legssyer B., Hamat T., Elyoussfi A., Aouniti A., El Ouadi Y., Aziz M. , J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1277-1287

Evaluation de la qualité physico-chimique et bactériologique des eaux de puits dans la région d’El-Harrouch (N.E -Algérie) [Assessment of physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of Well water in the region of El-Harrouch (N.E- Algeria)], Ayad W., Kahoul M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1288-1297

Comparative study of three groundwater pollution cities of Mohammedia, Temara and Dar Bouazza by nitrates (Moroccan meseta) Etude comparative de la contamination des eaux souterraines des villes de Mohammedia, Temara et Dar Bouazza par les nitrates (Meseta marocaine), Laaouan M., Aboulhassan M.A., Bengamra S., Taleb A., Souabi S., Tahiri M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1298-1309

The Characterization of Poly (P-Phenylenediamine) using Scanning Electron Microscopy Cyclic Voltammetry and Rotating Disc Electrode, Ghanjaoui M. E., Adraoui I., El Rhazi M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1310-1316

Caractérisation et valorisation des sédiments marins dans la fabrication des briques (Characterization and Valorization of marine sediments in the manufacture of bricks), Benyerou D., Boudjenane N., Belhadri M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1317-1327

Optical properties of TiO2 Thin films prepared by Sol Gel method, Essalhi Z., Hartiti B., Lfakir A., Siadat M., Thevenin P., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1328-1333

Valorization of shrimp co-products “Pandalus borealis”: Chitosan production and its use in adsorption of industrial dyes, El Fargani H., Lakhmiri R., Albourine A., Cherkaoui O., Safi M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1334-1346

Effect of pearl millet extract versus alendronate on mandibles and salivaryglands of rats subjected to cafeteria diet associated with corticosteroids, Kaddafi A., Meddah B., Elblidi O., Rais Z., Chokairi O., Cherrah Y., Barkiyou M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1347-1356

A Review of Embodied Energy (EM) Analysis of Industrialised Building System (IBS), Zaini N., Ibrahim S. H., Baharun A., Nawi M. N. M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1357-1365

Study of equilibrium, Kinetic, thermodynamic and mechanism of trivalent chromium retention from tannery effluent by calcined layered double hydroxide, Lahkale R., Sadik R., ElHatimi W., Khiar E., Sabbar E., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1366-1378

A statistical approach based on the full factorial experiment for optimization of dyes adsorption on biomaterials prepared from mint and tea, Khammour F., Elkouali M., Kenz A., Yousfi S., Talbi M., Kabbaj M., Belghazi O., Ainane T., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1379-1385

Inhibition Study of Mild Steel Corrosion in Hydrochloric Acid by 1, 5-Benzodiazepine-2,4-dione, Sikine M., Kandri Rodi Y., Elmsellem H., Krim O., Steli H., Ouzidan Y., Kandri Rodi A., Ouazzani Chahdi F., Sebbar N. K., Essassi E. M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1386-1395

Caractérisation phénologique de différents écotypes de cactus (Opuntia spp.) Marocains sous les conditions édapho-climatiques de la région de Chaouia-Ouardigha (Phenological characterization among Moroccan ecotypes of cactus (Opuntia spp.) under soil and climatic conditions of the Chaouia-Ouardigha region), Mabrouk A., Abbas Y., Fakiri M., Benchekroun M., El Kharrassi Y., El Antry-Tazi S., El Mzouri E., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1396-1405

Experimental and theoretical studies for steel XC38 corrosion inhibition in 1 M HCl by N-(8-hydroxyquinolin-5-yl)-methyl)-N-phenylacetamide, El Faydy M., Galai M., Touir R., El Assyry A., Ebn Touhami M., Benali B., Lakhrissi B., Zarrouk A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1406-1416

Effect of calcination temperature on the structure of copper orthophosphates and their catalytic activity in the decomposition of 2-propanol, Ouchabi M., Baalala M., Elaissi A., Bensitel M., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1417-1424

Corrosion Inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution by pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine derivative: electrochemical and theoretical evaluation, Hjouji M. Y., Djedid M., Elmsellem H., Kandri Rodi Y., Ouzidan Y., Ouazzani Chahdi F., Sebbar N. K., Essassi E. M., Abdel-Rahman I., Hammouti B., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1425-1435

Analyzing the Impact of Zineband Ziram As Booster Biocides in Antifouling Paints, Karsaz A., Afshar A., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1436-1444

The screening of parameters influencing the hydrodistillation of Moroccan Mentha piperita L. leaves by experimental design methodology, Fadil M., Farah A., Ihssane B., Lebrazi S., Chraibi M., Haloui T., Rachiq S., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1445-1453

Electrochemical Degradation of Malachite Green Dye using Carbon/TiO2 Electrodes, Kusuma H. S., Sholihuddin R. I., Harsini M., Darmokoesoemo H., J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (4) (2016) 1454-1460