Volume 2 S1, 2011

The impact of actual water pricing in Algeria on the environmental dimension of sustainable development
S. Boukhari, Y. Djebbar, A. Guedri, A. Guebaili
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 427-432

Methodological approach for assessing the potential risk of soil erosion using remote sensing and GIS in the Oued Ell Malleh watershed (Pre-Rif,, Morocco).
O. El Aroussi, L. Mesrar, M. Lakrim, A. El Garouani, R. Jabrane,
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 433-438

Contribution to study of soil salinity in the region of Fetzara Lake (Northeast of Algeria)
F.i Zahi, R. Djamai, A. M. Drouiche, F. Medjani,
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 439-444

The water upwelling in Oued Righ Valley: Inventory and Caracterization.
F. Zahi, A. Drouichee, N. Bouchahm, W. Hamzaoui, W. Chaib, L. Djabri,
J. Mater. Environ.2 (S1) (2011) 445-450

Analysis of perception of temporary pools in western of Morocco by the local stakeholders and the interest of sustainable development,
S. Bouahim, L. Rhazi, R. Mathevet, L. Ernoul, B. Amami, E. Saber, S.D. Muller, P. Grillas,
J. Mater. Environ.2 (S1) (2011) 451-454

Remote sensing and diachronic analysis of the dynamics of vegetation cover in the Middle Atlas (Forest of Ain Kahla)
J. Chaaouan; A. Faleh; H. Lakhouaja
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 455-458

The contribution of PCR for characterization of groundwater in the region Ziban (South-eastern Algeria)
W. Hamzaoui, N. Bougherira, A. Rezeg, A. Drouiche, W. Chaib, L. Djabri
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 459-462

Quality of water and their ability to irrigate the area of Ell-Ghrous iin the wiillaya of Biiskra (Algeria)..
N.. Bougherira, A.. Rezek, A.. Drouiche, W.. Hamzaoui, N.. Chaib, L.. Djabari
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 463-468

Rainwater harvesting in North Africa: A novel method for reservoir sizing
A. Guebaili, Y. Djebbar, A. Guedri, S. Boukhari
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 469-472

Pollutants Transfer Modelling under Agricultural Influences in the Coastal Aquifer of Rmel (Larache, Morocco)
I. Chkara, K. El Morabiti
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 473-476

La mesure du pouvoir incrustant des eaux dures du Hamma et inhibition del'entartrage par Na2CO3 et KH2PO4 (The measurement of power encrusting hard water of Hamma and inhibition of scaling by Na2CO3 and KH2PO4)
S. Ghizellaoui, S. Ghizellaoui, K. Labiod
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 477-484

Effects of organic amendments on soil physico-chemical and biological properties
K. Bouajila, M. Sanaa,
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 485-490

Usage De La Prospection Géoélectrique Pour La Détermination De La Géométrie De L'Aquifère Miocène Dans La Région D'El Aïoun (Maroc Nord-Oriental) (Use Of The Geoelectric Prospecting For The Determination Of The Geometry Of The Miocene Aquifer in the area of El Aïoun (North-Eastern Morocco))
A. Mimouni, M. Oujidi, M. Negadi, M. Hadlach, S. Bengamra
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 491-494

Highlight of piezometric fluctuations of groundwater through piezometrics network in the region of biskra (Algeria)
A. Drouiche, N. Harrat, F. Zahi, N. Boucham, L. Djabri, H. Maftah
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 495-500

Monotoring of air quality in an iron foundry (Case of NOx, SO2, benzene and dust)
M. T. Abedghars, A. Hadji, S. Bouhouch
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 501-506

Dynamic simulation for the requirements of oxygen about the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant - Case of Souk-Ahras/Algeria
S. Dairi, D. Mrad, Y. Djebbar, Y. Hammar
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 507-512

Magnetic susceptibility and heavy metal contamination in agricultural soil of Tadla plain
M. El Baghdadi, K. Jakani , A. Barakat, Y. Bay
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 513-519

Substitution of the aggregate by solid waste of blast furnance in the preparation of concrete
Naoual Handel, Belaid Hafsi, Assia Touati, Yassine Djabbar
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 520-525

Landslide susceptibility modelling using GIS and statical méthod in the Oued Larbaa basin (Eastern Rif, Morocco)
A. Sadiki, A. Faleh, H. Mesrar
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 526-531

Amelioration the performance of photovoltaic stations for pumping and lighting installed in the Douar Zragta of the rural commune of Isly Prefecture of Oujda Angad
E. Baghaz, R. Gaamouche, K. Hirech, M. El Ouariachi, M. F. Yaden, T. Mrabti, B. Tidhaf, F. Bagui, E. Chadli, K. Kassmi
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 532-537

Design and realization of a photovoltaic system equipped with the analogical and digital MPPT command for better exploitation of solar energy
M. El Ouariachi, T. Mrabti, M. F. Yaden, Ka. Kassmi, B.Tidhaf, El. Chadli, F. Bagui, K. Kassmi
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 538-543

Study of the insertion of a metal layer in an organic solar cell
Y. Berredjem, A. Boulmokh, N. Bensid, A. Drici, A.E.K. Gheid, A. Bouras, J.C. Bernede
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 544-547

Theoretical Approach on W-Shaped Excess Heat Capacities of Some Linear and cyclic OxaalKane-AlKane Systems
M. Zouine and C. Casanova
J. Mater. Environ.Sci, 2 (S1) (2011) 548-551

The Contribution of the Study of the Bordering Dunes Vegetation in the Moulouya Embochure: The Marram Grass (Ammophila arenaria L.) case.
A. Chergui, L. El Hafid, M. Melhaoui
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 552-555

Cartography and spatial distribution of natural deposit of sea urchin Paracentrotus Lividus Lamarck, 1816 (Echinodermata Echinoidea) in the region between El Jadida and Safi
S. El Jouhari, M. Id Hall, N. Rharbi, M. Serghini, R. Houssa
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 556-559

Influence of Mesologic Parameters On The Phytoplankton Distribution along of Transects Localized Between Cape Cantin And Dakhla
H. Elghrib, L. Somoue, O. Ettahiri, N. Elkhiati, A. Makaoui, N. Bourhim
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 560-663

Effect the exclosure on plant diversity of the Hammada scoparia steppe in the Naama steppe courses (Algeria)
A. Benaradj, H. Boucherit, K. Mederbal, K. Benabdelli, D. Baghdadi
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 564-571

Contribusion of the knowledge of the malacological of bivalves in the Moroccan Mediteranean coast
K. El Bekkaye , M. Melhaoui,
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 572-575

Conservation, valorisation et perspective de développement durable de l'arboriculture dans les monts de Tlemcen « Cas de la région de Beni Snous » (Conservation, valorization and sustainable development of fruit tree in the mountains of Tlemcen "Case the region of Beni Snous")
H. Boucherit, M. Mazour , A. Benaradj
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2012) 576-583

Depth segregation phenomenon and the macrofaunal diversity associated to Acanthocardia tuberculata (Linné, 1758) and Callista chione (Linnaeus, 1758), populations of the Northwest of Morocco.
A. Rharrass, M.Talbaoui, N. Rharbi, H. El Mortaji, M. Idhalla, M.Kabine
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 2 (S1) (2011) 584-589