Content Vol.12 N3, 2021


Simultaneous Electrochemical Determination of Dihydroxybenzene Isomers at 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate Modified Pencil Graphite Electrode, N. T. Tonu and M. Abu Yousuf,J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 373-383 

Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) from Water Leaf (Talinium Triagulae) and African Spinach (Amarathus hybridus) Leaf using Titanium dioxide (TiO2), B. Akinwonmi, R. K. Odunaike, Q. A. Adeniji, R. T. Feyisola, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 384-390

Heavy Metals Contamination in Agricultural Soils of Middle Basin of Sirwan (Diyala) River, East Iraq: Multivariate Analysis, Risk Assessment, Source Apportionment, and Spatial Distribution, H. M. Issa & A. H. Alshatteri, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 391-405 

Experimental Effect of Filler Variation on the polarizability of polymer Matrix Composites Developed from Orange Peel Particulates, A. D. Omah, E.E. Ugwuogbo, P.O. Offor, I.Y. Suleiman, S.V. Egoigwe, U.C. Ogbuefi, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 406-417

Removal of Safranin Dye from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Olive Leaves Powder, K. M. Elsherif, A. El-Dali, A. M. Ewlad-Ahmed, A. Treban, I. Alttayib, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 418-430

Mild Steel Corrosion Inhibition by Euphorbia heterphylla Extractin 0.5 M Hydrochloric Acid solution, A. J. Aliyu, L. Salisu, A. Akilu, A. N. Garba, J.M. Yelwa, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 431-441

Manganese dioxide coated on recycled graphite substrate as electrode material for sodium hypochlorite production, R. D. Teguia, G. B. Noumi, Domga,J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 442-454

Assessment of the Environmental and Health Impacts of disposal Plastics in Gode town, Somali regional state, Eastern Ethiopia, B. A. Hussein, A. A. Tsegaye, A. Abdulahi, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 455-471

Characterization and treatment of leachate from thecontrolled discharge of large Agadir by coagulation-flocculation, A. Idlahcen,C. Radaa, I. Bakas, J. Zobir, N. Bougdour, M. Tamimi, S. Qourzal, A.Assabbane,J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 472-482

Fabrication of a novel composite material used for thermo-cracking of Plastic Waste, A. Abdelrahman, A. Farghali, A.H. Zaki, A. S. Hamouda,J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 12(3) (2021) 483-496